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Author Topic: Video post workflow for maintaining color space and tone integrity  (Read 1078 times)


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Here is my current workflow for converting RAW files from a Canon 5D III.

1. Shoot in RAW.
2. Convert to .dng files with raw2dng.app.
3. Edit .dng files with ACR or Lightroom, export as .tif files.
4. Open .tif files as sequence in QuickTime7, then export as a ProRes 422 (HQ) file.

The problem is that the colors/tone are getting messed up somewhere along the way (probably during the ACR/Lightroom step). In my case, they are a bit washed-out and overexposed. I know for others it is sometimes the opposite.

Which format should I use when exporting from ACR/Lightroom?

  • Adobe RGB
  • ColorMatch
  • ProPhoto
  • sRGB

Or could it be that my preview is off in ACR/Lightroom?

I'm also wondering if doing my color/tone adjustments in After Effects might help to avoid this problem by giving a more accurate preview.
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