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Re: Canon EVIL (EIS)
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22mp 2x crop factor sensor? doesn't sound particularly likely, and if its true then no thanks.

Secondly I was hoping for EF (and at the very least ef-s) mount compatability, I want to be able to use my existing lenses.

If i have to purchase a new set of lenses just for this camera, then whats the point of waiting for the canon offering aside from brand loyalty (pfft).

You will have to purchase new lens for any EVIL, they do not have a mirror, are much smaller, and have a smaller distance from sensor to lens mount.  It says in the write up that they sell an mount adapter to use EF & EF-S lenses.

The thing is if the sensor size in this rumor is real then it has the same image circle as micro 4:3 camera and should use micro 4:3 lenses which there are a good amount on the market already.  If canon makes a evil camera with basically the same sensor size of a 4:3 they will be facing stiff competition for other 4:3 manufactures who have a lot more lenses to choose from and even have sensor that have native support for 3:2.  If they made an evil with a APS-C sensor they would be in a class of their own and could justify the non 4:3 compatible lens mount.

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Re: Canon EVIL (EIS)
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Re: Canon EVIL (EIS)
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it seems silly for canon to suddenly go to a fourth sensor size when a couple of things have been demonstrated already:

1. Leica showed you can cram a FF sensor into a mirror-less body without getting crazy vignetting
2. Sony showed you can cram an APS-C sensor into a mirror-less body and actually get something smaller than a 4/3s system

why would Canon go out of their way to make their R+D process more difficult by stooping to a 4/3 sensor, when they have a great APS-C sensor to stick in the thing?  if they did go with 4/3s, they would have little competitive advantage over the 4/3 manufacturers, and would be behind the curve when it comes to competing with Sony.  Canon's made clear a few times that they regard Sony as a serious threat and are as interested in matching up well against Sony as they are interested in matching up against Nikon, maybe even more so.

I don't doubt Canon is pursuing an EVIL-cam and I'm stoked for something I can use as a back-up body, but I call major BS on this spec list.

in terms of what I'd like to see?

15-18 MP APS-C sensor
slightly larger and more robust form factor than Sony NEX series
adapters that allow AF with EF and EF-S glass (at the minimum with EF-S glass)
the sweet new screen from the t2i (which is mind-blowing, I thought my screen on the 5D2 looked good but it looks crude and smeared compared to the t2i's)
anywhere from 3-6 fps
pop-up flash, and hotshoe mount as well

would this thing have to be phase-detect or can we still shove a traditional AF system into it?  9 cross points would be sweet

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Re: Canon EVIL (EIS)
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