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Does anyone use ring flash for portraits or any wedding photography?
What would you recommend ?

Great question.  I've been wondering the same thing.  I recently discovered the RoundFlash,, which looks quite promising.  (It's now available from B&H.)

I mostly shoot available light, but when a flash is a must or for mobile portrait photos, the concept of a near soft box size ring flash is intriguing.  But, I'm having trouble accepting any light source that close to the lens for people shots.  I fear the ring flash will still look a bit flat.

So, I'm looking forward to this thread...

Hotshoe mount ring flashes are usually very low powered, intended for close-up macro/medical work. The ones that attach to your existing Speedlight can be OK, YMMV with the different types available. An ongoing concern with the bolt-on attachments is the additional weight/strain on the hotshoe mount. Still, for occasional use they can be a viable choice. I'd be chasing around for reviews.

My personal favourite ring flash comes from PCB, the makers of Alien Bees and the rock solid Einstein. teamed up with


I bought a ray flash from eBay and I  was  surprised at how cheap it felt.  I  attached it and there was a crack in it and the seller said it wasn't there before. I returned it,  but as far as that was concerned, I  didn't care for how it felt...  it  just seemed awkward. 

Those add-on ringflash things for your speedlight are big, clunky and easily broken, to say nothing about the loss of light while it is bouncing around inside the unit.
For the same or less money, you can buy a proper ringflash from many of the Chinese websites and the one I got really works well. It might be fully manual, but you can easily adjust it from the camera menu, and for around $130 - it's fantastic.
Works well for portraits and gives a very nice circular spark in the subject's eyes.

If you want slightly different lighting from one side to the other, you can just drape bits of tissue over one side of it.
That way, it gives nice slight shadowing to one side of the face.


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