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dr croubie:
Given the amount of pics up so far: Poor judges, that's gonna be a long sift for winners...

Could end up as long combined as the Holga thread, plus work actually looking at the pics not just picking random names...

ps, questions:
- Does it have to be a Canon Lens? (i've seen enough Sigmas/Tamrons, and posted enough Lensbabies so far that I hope not)
- Does it absolutely have to be RAW? I've only just started shooting RAW since I got a new comp with much more drive space...
- How much PP is allowed? I leave my images pretty much untouched once it passes DPP, but i'm sure a lot of people like HDR, dust removal, etc...

can't wait for my new fish eye!!  ;)  nice comp thanks...

Looks to be a great start.  Added my humble offerings to the fray.  Best of luck to everyone and excellent photos thus far!


--- Quote from: Canon Rumors on October 03, 2011, 09:43:32 PM ---
You must use a Canon camera to make the images. I will request EXIF data of all the winners.

--- End quote ---

Hmm, my EOS 650 doesn't produce EXIF info. ;-)

(OK, I have only shot one spool this year...)

uhm, if only people bothered to stop by a minute and read the rules -.-
The competition just started, yet thus far I've already seen plenty of pics not respecting the (very few and simple) rules posted... go figure.


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