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Author Topic: Future Who needs a 1dxii or 7diii?, Why Photo Cameras could become obsolete  (Read 11430 times)


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You're forgetting that capturing a photo vs. recording a video are two different things.  From what I've read on the Black Magic's 4k camera, it can only record video.  Sure, you can pull a still frame from a video clip but the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO settings will be far more limited compared to simply capturing a photo to begin with.  Example, video recorded at 24 fps cannot have a shutter speed slower than 1/24, thereby eliminating the possibility of capturing a longer exposure.

DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and many compact cameras have had the ability to capture a photo or record a video for years now.  The limitation I stated above is the very reason why the two will naturally remain two distinct activities.  Yes, there will be overlap such as time lapse photography converted to video or pulling a still frame from a video clip, but only working within the confines within this overlap will prove to be very limiting.
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