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Author Topic: $50 and $125 lens rebates apply to refurb lenses thru end of May, 2014  (Read 1088 times)


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FYI: Canon is having a promotion that includes refurb lenses thru the end of May, 2014. $50 off $250+, and $125 off $500+

That was news to me, as I hadn't thought rebates applied to refurbs. So I thought I'd bring it to this forum's attention.

Normally, I've been underwhelmed by the value of refurb lenses, as there is invariably a new lens rebate going on, or about to start. But with a single refurb lens in the $500 range, that becomes a better deal and more worthy of attention.
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Or not?

Also, I'm curious if such a rebate that applies to refurbs is common, or unusual. I hadn't noticed it before, but Canon promotions can be "shifting sands".
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This type of stair-stepped "rebate" is very common for the Canon refurb store.  Generally, they raise the prices a bit from where they were before the rebate was put in place.  The best deals come on products that just exceed the price thresholds but not by much, and depend on what the starting price is.

I don't know about the timing of it, if they usually do it at the same time as rebates on new gear or not.  I don't think there is a pattern.
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