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Author Topic: Canon EOS 5D Mark ii rebates?  (Read 13090 times)


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Re: Canon EOS 5D Mark ii rebates?
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Why do you expect the 5D3 to be more expensive than the 5D2? I'm hoping for the same price or less as a continuation of their equipment price trend.

there have been statements that the 5D Mark III is going to have some major, rather than incremental, advancements over the 5D Mark II, or any other consumer FF on the market.  that's not hard to believe.  if so, there's no reason to believe pricing trends will hold.

statistically, I think its a little premature to judge a "price trend" from a mere two data points -- the price of the 5D and the 5D2 doesn't make a trend.  there are a ton of factors that have been discussed on the forum that could impact the price of a 5D Mark III on release beyond the simple idea that equivalent technology gets cheaper over time.

1D4 $4999
1D3 $3999
1D2N $3999
1D2 $4499
1D $6499

1Ds3 $7999
1Ds2 $7999
1Ds $7999

60D $1099
50D $1299
40D $1299
30D $1399
20D $1499
10D $1999

5D2 $2699
5D $3299

16 data points and only 1 price increase (1D3 -> 1D4)
It looks convincing, until you remember that the 60D is not a 50D successor; that's the 7D, which is considerably more expensive.  The other price drops can be put down to the price of technology coming down, but that only goes so far.

Well actually I think you're both wrong.. the 60D is a start of a new line and the 7D is a start of a new line and the 'old' xxD line is dead.  Call it an evolutionary fork.

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Re: Canon EOS 5D Mark ii rebates?
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Edwin Herdman

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Re: Canon EOS 5D Mark ii rebates?
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I don't see how you're evaluating or addressing my point.  Because the cameras are in a newly envisioned line and priced differently than before, earlier pricing trends no longer apply; that's true.  That's in agreement with what I wrote earlier.  But the original question was whether prices are going up or down.  One glance at the introductory prices of the 7D and 60D suggests possible answers.  Your bank balance doesn't care that the camera is "more highly specced" (relative to what came before); it takes a bigger hit all the same.  Because the 50D-style feature set and pricing seems obsolete and was discontinued, there is now a price gap between the 60D and the 7D.  I expect Canon to push older models, like the 7D eventually, into that gap by lowering prices, as they have done with many sub-professional lines.  For now, the 50D doesn't fill this pricing gap as it merely mirrors the 60D price, at least on Canon USA's website.  You *can* make some guesses about how this will affect pricing of the newest releases, which was the question.

Canon's costs may have significantly increased in creating a 7D over a 50D, if you believe that, but the fact remains that it's still more expensive than the old line was.  I would be the first to agree that sometimes there's a price for progress; Canon has the right but also the requirement to orient its product lines so that people don't feel like they are over- or underpaying for the features they need and receive: Nobody wants to feel that a camera isn't good enough for what they're paying, or that they could get a better camera for slightly more money.  I'm not being critical of them on this front; difficulties trying to segment the market on the difference of relatively few features may be a more controversial topic now but it's not new.  The main thing I think spells trouble for Canon's move is the competition.

Anyway, the jury's still out on whether the product shift and the loss of the ~$1300 segment and splitting the difference was "good" or "bad," but one thing that seems objectively clear is that to get the same features you pay considerably more at $1600 - or considerably less at $1100 - depending on whether you head to the 7D or the 60D.


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Re: Canon EOS 5D Mark ii rebates?
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I was suprised at how close the 60d was to the t2i, you are right there is a big gap although 1600 is about 3-400 more than I paid for a 7d(canon rebate plus bing cashback).
It certainly seems like some divergent evolution has occured. I guess they wanted to keep 7d sales rolling so they had to move the xxd line closer to the txi line. By sharing the same sensor it makes it more interesting.
I was shocked to see the 5d2 so cheap on release, going to be fun seeing what happens next!


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Re: Canon EOS 5D Mark ii rebates?
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I think 5D Mark III for sure will have good AF.  The good AF can't be only on the 1D series anymore.

Reason is very simple.

Canon has to answer to the upgrade of D700 (with D3s sensor).  Canon uses to have a advantage on the L primes (35mm 1.4 in particular), but Nikon has released a few very juice primes.  Canon no longer has an edge over Nikon on lens or body.

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Re: Canon EOS 5D Mark ii rebates?
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