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Here's my Pentax 645z review from a long term Canon user

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Hi everyone.

I've been asked a few times by forum members that when I review the Pentax 645z if I could post it in the forum.

Here it is:

There's a fair bit there to go through and I cover the dynamic range, ergonomics, flash system and if you're in the mood 5.4gb of Pentax raw files for you to play with.

Love Canon, Love the Pentax.

Thanks a lot for a great review. You focused on the things that matter to me.

I have been on the fence for this system for a while, but decided that I wanted to see what the next 5DIV and/or 1DX-II would provide. But unless it turns out to be a real D810 basher, I may well be in line for a Pentax package.

I think that if you really need and/or want 50 mp then you have done the right thing, irrespective of what Canon do with a higher mp FF sensor. 50 mp on a FF size sensor is a total waste in my opinion.

Personally I prefer to stick with FF and stitch for the sort of work I do. It is so easy to stitch now, especially if you are using a lens who's entry pupil is close to the camera body. Obviously with your portrait work you cannot stitch.

I enjoyed your review. Now, where is that 35PM on medium format ::)


--- Quote from: wockawocka on January 26, 2015, 02:46:51 PM the Pentax 645z....
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Nice review, my bank account likes it not so much though.
Have you worked the Zed tethered with the FluCard, the Image Transmitter software or anything else?

I do quite like your flash solution. If I correctly understand your usage, you're using (or at least have the choice to use) P-TTL with the 540 on camera passed through the V6 plus manual RF remote control of 600s via the V6. Is that a reasonable assessment?
Is there any Zörk anticipated for the Zed's system future? Any other TS solutions found?
Any idea how Ricoh-Pentax service and support is?


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