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Can I ask how you did the last one? reminds me of the rotoscoping style of the Aaron Hadlow videos :)

Not sure if a flash full power at full zoom could give a little fill in at closer distances (3rd shot).
I'd maybe brighten up the kite in the second shot to make it more the hero of the shot perhaps?
It's a heck of a sport to photograph - being that the kite's on a >20m set of lines - do you compose without the kite and crop in (and so need to be close to the action or have a biiig focal length) or go wide enough to get the kite, but have the subject smaller in the frame...
I guess kiteloops or very windy conditions help as the kiter will have the kite much lower.
What's the majority of photographers for Kitesurf magazine etc use? I guess at the warmer exotic locales, you can get the rider closer to the shore, but maybe there's some places nearby you can get that too?

Here's a couple from Florence, Oregon.  (Sorry, some of these are a repeat from what I recently posted in another section)

Kiteboarding on the island of Tobago just a few miles north of Trinidad off the coast of South American, great conditions all year round, great beach too. This is just my first gallery. Please feel free to comment. Some of the pictures are crops of the larger 22 MP pictures. Mainly shot 5DMk3 & 70-200 II.

Thanx for the inspiration. I have a few buddies that kite board ill try and get some shots next time theyre out

I have shot some kiteboarding in my day, it can be tricky to get artistic images then there are those times they blow your mind.
Nice colors on these last few images.


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