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Re: Capture One Pro
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I have such long-standing habits of using ACR and PS that I can't see any benefit to me to use Lightroom. Perhaps output sharpening for inkjet printing is better, and almost certainly easier. I don't do a lot of printing, but probably enough that I should get around to making it a PS Action, since my parameters are always pretty much the same.

I was used to paying around $600 a year to upgrade whatever Adobe suite I had, so I fell into the full subscription fairly easily. I probably should rethink that. I don't use Illustrator that much any more, and since I retired I've not had a lot of use for In Design. I still use it if I want a letter or something to look really spiffy, but could get along with Pages just as well. I am not as proficient with Premiere as I am with FCP X, other than in color grading, where I find its greater affinity with Photoshop to be a plus for me. But mostly I stick with FCP. But I guess it is nice to have all these programs on hand.

For someone who wants to keep using old versions of Lightroom with newer cameras, couldn't they just use a converter (free one around I think) to make Adobe dng files and open in Lightroom?

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Re: Capture One Pro
« Reply #15 on: March 04, 2018, 12:43:57 AM »