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Empty board?


As I see it, this board is empty.

Well, German in my native tongue - if you PM me I might help with some translating - but I hate it, and I'll not have too much time as a student either.

I wish I could afford a Leica - but I can't... ah well...
Not that my 5D MK II is bad in any way though.

But if anybody wants to have a read here:

Canon Rumors:
I'll be at Photokina this year.

I don't speak any German outside of "Leica".

If any Germany folks want to hang out at Photokina, let me know!

I'd have loved it - BUT I will be back in the UK for university... and even if I could fly later - uni starts on the 23rd or 24th of September - which is well, pretty much immediately after Photokina.

I guess at some point in my life I'll be able to go there :)

And on a plus side - I'll enjoy my 5D MK II more if I don't physically see new stuff :D

I'll be there on tuesday or wednesday, the weekends are to crowded. If you'd like to meet for a coffee break, just let me know via pm.

For the germans:

wenn wer lust auf nen treffen hat, einfach mal per pm bescheidgeben.

I'm still thinking about whether to go or not. It's just 400km away, so no big deal. But the most interesting part for me would be some new cheapo-studio-flash-units from asia, cause canon already press-released everything I wanted to know.


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