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Author Topic: The 7DmkII will it be a revolution or an evolution  (Read 7800 times)


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Re: The 7DmkII will it be a revolution or an evolution
« Reply #15 on: March 31, 2012, 12:17:29 AM »
I guess I wasn't very clear.  I'm not saying that the 5Diii ionic had minor changes, but as a whole it w only a minor update, especially after three years.

Major improvements would have been much higher MP while still having great low light capabilities.  It would have also included things like 1080p 60 fps.

So like I said initially, the new 5D is in no way revolutionary.  It has had some very nice improvements, but it's been three years, nice improvements are the minimum to be expected.

Either way, it's an awesome camera.  There probably isn't much that really needs to be done to it, but the iii was basically just an update and not a revolutionary release.

First off, not sure I agree its not revolutionary in some ways...but we'll get to that.

For that matter, why is a revolutionary update necessary? The ONLY thing about the D800 that is revolutionary is the megapixels in the sensor. Its video features are not revolutionary, its AF system is not revolutionary (and not even new...its the same 51pt system the rest of their cameras use), the sensor capabilities (i.e. hardware noise reduction, CP-ADC, etc.) are nothing revolutionary, we've all seen that before in the likes of the D7000 and company... If you want revolutionary, the D800 literally has ONE thing that it could call revolutionary: 36.3mp.

The 5D III makes some revolutionary improvements itself. Everyone seems to forget that the 5D III is one of the top two most sensitive cameras in the world now, with its native ISO 25600...and its got a significantly improved SNR in the sensor to make that ISO setting actually usable. It doesn't quite have the "thunder" that the D800 has because the 1D X literally one-ups it with ISO 51200, but that doesn't change the fact that the 5D III is capable of working with four times less light than its predecessor.

The 5D III and 1D X make a more important revolutionary leap, however...one that I think will have a very significant impact to its customers: Canon LISTENED to their customers input, and built cameras that addressed their customers needs! It wasn't until the actual announcement & release of the D800 that I really heard that many people screaming and hollering for Canon to release a higher resolution camera than the 5D II. Before the announcement of the 1D X last year, about the only thing I heard from most Canon users I know was "Lower Resolution (or no more increases in resolution), Better ISO, Cleaner Noise!", and in the case of the 5D line specifically... "Better AF!!!!!" I think some people were hoping for 26-28mp out of the 5D III, but I don't think anyone who will actually use the camera really has anything to complain about with 22.3mp, since all of their other real-world requests to Canon have been answered. (Now, admittedly, Canon has probably boofed the price at $3500...but thats easily corrected.)

If Canon does the same thing with the 7D, I think most 7D users will be very happy campers. And the one thing 7D users really want, based on the currently existing complaints, is Better ISO, Cleaner Noise! Being a 7D owner myself, that is quite literally my sole complaint. I certainly have other wants, like more AF points and f/8 AF (and perhaps AI Servo AF subject recognition...like "Thats an Elk! I'll track that!" or "Thats a Bird! I'll track that!"), but noise characteristics at higher ISO is really the only actual complaint I have about this camera. Evolutionary improvements (and a reasonable price!) in the 7D II will make me a very happy camper.

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Re: The 7DmkII will it be a revolution or an evolution
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Re: The 7DmkII will it be a revolution or an evolution
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It will be a revolution - the 7D will get the guilotine

Grow up. Your constant trolling on every discussion about the 7D is getting more than a bit tiresome. We all know you dislike the 7D. Your entitled to your opinion, but hijacking every discussion ruins it for others.

I dislike the 7D so much I have just bought my third  ::) ::) ::) ::)

You are right though in that I dont consider the 7D to be the greatest in the line up - it is just a good prosumer camera. Had you not thought that others might get very tired of the fanboys extolling the 7D and their outrageous claims about its capabilities :o

In my opinion the 7D is the logical upgrade of the 40D - more mps and fps with greatly improved low light and af. Plus of course video. To me the 40D was one of those classic cameras that revolutionised prosumer in the same way that the 5D classic did for ff.

It is still my opinion on that basis that the 7D will go back to being an xxD - which has been my (and others on this forum) position thoughout

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Re: The 7DmkII will it be a revolution or an evolution
« Reply #17 on: April 02, 2012, 08:26:44 PM »
My 7d has done me, and is continuing to be extraordinarily well. The only better for me is something like the 1d mark iv which Is currently out of my budget. The 5d things everyone seems to be on about, doesn't get my attention at all!

If a mark ii comes along Im sure if it will be just evolution. Iso may get better, it may get faster and a few more af points with digic 5+ processors (thats obvious). And in which case, I think that would be fantastic.

The one thing I can't see happening is canon dropping such a successful camera. Not a chance in a cold day in hell.
In the end, only the image matters... Not what equipment you used to get there.

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Re: The 7DmkII will it be a revolution or an evolution
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