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5D Mark III Nighttime ISO Comparisons

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Here are some more ISO comparisons for those that are interested. Both images are at 100% crop. One shot of the stop sign outdoors and another of the parking garage in my apartment complex.

Lens used was the kit 24-105mm f/4L IS USM at 24mm

Here are the full sized comparisons scaled down so you can get an idea of the 100% crop images above

Impressive results. 1600 ISO seems more like 100 ISO!  3200 is excellent and so is 6400 (if the shot is well exposed). 12800 is very good too. Were these jpgs directly from your camera ? And if so can you tell us the settings?

Very good all the way to ISO 12800!.  What ISO are you second set of pictures (the full size one?)

can i ask you at which iso the banding became visible? and how does the mark III behave bringing up the exposure in post (if u underexpose by mistake) does the image become noisy and banded? thanks for the samples btw, it looks very good!


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