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Author Topic: Need mic recommendations for 5Dmk3 purchase (lavalier and shotgun)  (Read 1347 times)


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Hello all,

I'm getting close to pulling the trigger on a 5D mk3. I'm going to be shooting a lot of video, mostly at first some one person "howto" type, pinball repair, homebrewing...etc.

I am thinking from reading, of starting out with the Rode VideoMic  (or maybe the Pro one with stereo) as a shotgun mic to attach to the camera, but also, I'm wanting to start with a functional but decently inexpensive wireless lavalier system...

From what I've started researching, it is better to get UHF than this right? I've read less interference.

I guess for keeping it cheap, I could start with a single transmitter/receiver....
I've seen multi-channel units, is this just saying one channel for each mic being used...or multiple channels in a broader term to find open channels among the larger find open ones for every mic you want to have? I'm a bit confused here.

If possible, I'd like to buy one wireless system...with a receiver I could either hook to the show on my 5D...or even to an older Zoom digital recorder I already have...and one transmitter mic unit to start with, but ideally I could start with a system I could add mics to later as I got money and had the need?

Anyway, can ya'll shed light on what systems you have, and what would be a good something to start out with.....and later build upon?

Right now, I can get in the camera body with kit other prime (likely the 85mm 1.8)...and the rode mic, and a wireless lavalier..if it isn't much over the $200 range, if that indeed is possible?

If I cant swing the shotgun Rode and the wireless...which is the way to go? At first I expect I'll be recording indoors and some on the patio mostly to begin with, if that helps..

Thanks in advance!!

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