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Author Topic: Canon 7D Unusual Problem?  (Read 7217 times)


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Re: Canon 7D Unusual Problem?
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Yes.  Mine does this also.  I can't remember if it did it new or if it developed it after a while (it's so quick and you almost have to be looking for it to see it).  It looks to be some sort of short circuit issue with the door.  I use the battery grip and I haven't tried taking it off to see if it still does it.

I ain't worried about it as it does not affect performance one bit.


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Re: Canon 7D Unusual Problem?
« Reply #16 on: April 16, 2012, 06:09:29 PM »
Mine used to do that every once in a while, and I never had a problem with it.  I wouldn't worry.


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Re: Canon 7D Unusual Problem?
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Gentlemen, we found a Ghost!!!!!!!!!

Me with my roomate found the switch in the memory slot, the one that gets activated when the door close, and with a litle stick we pushed it to emulate the door closing and that keep on flashing, tha battery swithc must be in the bottom so we didnt find it yet . But there is no need becouse some of you guys have the same problem so im not alone anymore :)

I cant claim the warranty cuz its from another country so i guess ill have to live with it. Or travel and kill the man who sold me the camera (thats another history)

We have to take this into to everyone knowledge, especially to Canon , How is it possible that this unusual problem is not on the internet. Or is it?

Me roommate have Software and hardware theorys , but its a ghost anyways, he prefer to think its software, a lost bit wondering in the camera having no place to go, a bit that belong to a secondary switch comand line that doesnt affect the primary ones, On other equipment that can be solved reinstalling the software or firmware, but lets pray this ghost bit dont mess with other ones, your experience told me its doesnt

Lets keep our research!

I will try to post a video soon so it can be spreaded to the world so maybe we can have an answer

Thank you every one!!!!!