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5d3 questions and help thread
« on: April 23, 2012, 01:33:13 AM »
Ok so I keep getting questions about this new sophisticated camera that I have here. Only thing is, I didn't want to start an entire thread each time. So here's a topic that everyone can ask questions in regards to the usage of this camera and hopefully we can get some help to those in need(like myself)

I'll start... :-)

I upgraded from a T3i so things seem quite different on this cam.

1. When I had the t3i, I'd be able to click the 'q' button(in manual mode) and the menu would pop it. I could then go through the menu items and change and select, then change each individual one. When I click 'q' on this 5d3, the menu pops up, but only allows me to select the "Auto Lighting Optimizer", "card record location", and "record quality". But by clicking the info button theres more settings displayed on the screen, I just cant change them with the joystick. Is there anyway to be able to allow me to select the other options and chamge them(ie AWB, Picture style, AF) Mind you, this is when shooting in live view mode... (I hope my question isn't hard to understand. )

2. On the T3i, video mode had its seperate location on the mode dial. So when I wanted to record video, I'd change the mode dial to video and all of my previously used settings were there. Well here, I would go video mode in manual, but when doing so, it would still have my picture settings. Anyway to set it up so that in manual mode while on pictures it has one set of settings, but when I flip the switch to video, my video settings come into play, or must I change the settings everytime I switch modes?

PS. Im currently still reading the manual. This is the first manual I've ever actually read in my life lol.
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5d3 questions and help thread
« on: April 23, 2012, 01:33:13 AM »