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Author Topic: Latest Digital Photo Pro v3.11.26 - How's DLO working for you?  (Read 1387 times)


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I just tried it on a couple landscape shots tonite.
shots i tested were made with 5D2 & 17-40mm
( I know, not a great lens for that job but TSE 24mm and 17mm are  along way off on my wish list yet )

After downloading the lens module..
The DLO function seems to work quite well on increasing apparent sharpness on low contrast textures, like stone, but when it comes to high contrast fine details like spruce needles or branches against a blue sky it shows a lot of halo and edge artifacts like unsharp mask function would produce.  It also did OK on sharpening up dry grass against sand but the higher contrast areas seem to pick up more sharpening artifacts than I like, even when dialing down the strength of it to 20 from 50.

And yes, saving the file with the DLO changes ~ doubles the size of the .cr2 (choke)

Anyone notice any other pros and cons with DLO?


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Re: Latest Digital Photo Pro v3.11.26 - How's DLO working for you?
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The most significant step forward is the goodness of chromatic aberration and it works really quite good. There is still lack of extenders in the module so we'll have to wait.
What I really miss as one of the most welcome features is still lack of the perspective correction. That's pain in the a__ comparing with Lightroom or even Camera Raw.
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