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Portrait of your "Best friend"

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Kimi in the Yard, Again [Explored June 11th, 2012 #10] by Christopher Brian's Photography, on Flickr


IMG_3812BW by drjlo1, on Flickr

That's quite a menacing look!  I like!

Not my Doggy but my girlfriends brothers.  He has two, Bella and Sonny, newfoundlands, when they go on holiday or bella is in heat we get one or both of them for a couple of weeks.  Great fun, we both work full time so no life for doggies of our own, sadly.

Bella is about 4 months old here, and the size of a large spanial.  She's now 2 years and the size of a small family car, just about.

Heres one it took on my ancient d30.


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