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JandJ Creative:
Anybody "game"?

If anyone's curious they were all shot with a 135mm 2.0 and my "old" 1ds.  The 135 really has "cage melting" power.

Animal photography was one of the first thing I took an interest in, before I became a formal photographer. I looked at a lot of Andy Rouse photos and the likes, and then it faded. Of latest I've mostly only seen mediocre things around... that's why I want to comment on your stuff. I really like it. It's easy to ruin a good zoo image, but you managed to pull something really nice off here.
I like you framing, composition and tone. Pleasing to look at...

JandJ Creative:
Thanks!  Just as it is with people, timing is everything with animals.  I really enjoyed it, although they're a lot more unpredictable than (most) people!

Here's another one of some hecklers

And speaking of timing.  Here's one my wife got.  I love the little girl with her dad in the background who is pointing.

Adelaide Zoo. All shot with a Canon 1000D + EFS 55-250mm :)




Barbary Sheep

There's an interactive zoo in Argentina, just outside of Buenos Aires named zoo Lujan.  You can enter the cages with the animals.  These were 2 of 5, eight month old African tigers.

Capn Scott


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