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Wildlife of the Kruger National Park

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Ivan Muller:
I have just come back from a 4 day visit to the Kruger Park. I saw an amazing variety of animal life,  many more images can be seen here at...

Lovely pictures. You are in a fantastic country - Lots of wild life.

I am hoping to go to South Africa and Kruger some day, if I can ever afford it (the expensive private reserves are likely way out of my budget).  Do you find self-driving through Kruger on a two or three day stay can warrant some good photo opportunities?

Not quite the KNP, but right next to it, this Leopard was shot in the Djuma Game Reserve, bordering the Park. My old Canon 20d with soft sigma lens.


Some very nice images here and on your blog. I'm curious. Many of your city shots seem to be using HDR, but in a very appealing subtle way, instead of "hit 'em over the head with a 2x4."  Also, since they are street shots, I assume you aren't able to bracket exposures. Are you willing to enlighten us on some of your techniques.



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