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Here are a few I recently took on a vacation to Osaka and Kyoto... ENJOY!   ;D

(Rememver they're supposed to be overexposed, bleeding color, etc.)  :P

Peace! 8)

A couple I took a while ago:


Delicious shots, I like the first one a lot! 

Pssst!   Thanks for posting, I thought maybe this section was going to die.   :P

Peace! 8)

Thank you for your reply!
The last two of yours are very very good! Where the last one should be in a frame on the wall! Very pretty!

The first one from me was taken at a small island called Bomlo, at the west coast of Norway, last summer. I used a tripod (the second picture is taken hand held) and a remote shutter. What isn´t shown in the picture is the monumental amount of mosquitos around! A peacefull shot, taken in the middle of a mosquito frenzy! I was bitten to pieces, but it was worth it!  :D

The wounds have healed, and in two weeks, I´ll be back at the same place for vacation!

Thank you, I really like doing HDR shots.

Ha ha,  yeah mosquitos can be mean.  It's funny what we'll endure to take pictures.   ;)  Such love for the hobby.

Peace! 8)


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