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Microsoft RAW Codec that supports 5D III and 64 Bit Available

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It used to work fine for me on my old machine, but on my new w530, windows bugs with a double message that "a copy must be made to preview the image" anyone experienced this ?

Such a joy to have the codec for windows 8.  I found it when going through the windows updates.
Makes browsing a breeze.

Thanks a lot!

I already had this downloaded on my system.  This apparently does NOT support CR2s from 6D?  Just got my 6D last week and photos will not open in Windows Live Photo Gallery.  They work fine in LR4.  And I have no problems seeing CR2s from my old 5D classic (or 30D for that matter) on Windows Live Photo Gallery.  Running Windows 7 on a 64 bit machine.  Any thoughts?  Or am I doing something wrong? 

Windows 8 version here:


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