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Canon 5D mark 3 in-camera HDR shots

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For some reason they all look very blurry. Perhaps it might be a good idea to put the camera on a tripod, then test in-camera HDR versus multiple bracketed exposures of the same composition, that are then processed in PS or Photomatix etc.

not for me neither...

I found the "natural" setting to be most to my liking, but it didn't do much, other than make a normal metered image duller.

I trust in Photomatix and a natural look to expand DR, not to see it like I am aón acid.

The TS lenses on the other hand are wonderful. I'm trying to sell my 17mm, but impossible to get rid of! People just don't get how great it is I think. Tons of 14 L II's going away the moment the add is placed.....


--- Quote from: Ricku on August 16, 2012, 03:19:18 AM ---That's terrible! :D

Maybe in camera HDR will be good in 5D Mark 5 or 6, but right now it is truly useless.

--- End quote ---

It has it's uses. I think it does a pretty good job of removing ghosting for an in camera operation, however I find the need to PP them in LR or CS5 later on to look their best. One thing I always need to do it increase contrast and reduce saturation.

I'm not a fan of HDR and i agree that true HDR is best done PP.
However like i mentioned, for quick general shooting especially during vacations where you take hundreds of photos and don't want to spend you nights in the hotel room doing PP, the in camera HDR does work sometimes when you don't have the luxury time to do trial and error.
in fact, as much as possible, i don't want to carry around a big bag with all my filters and tripods etc..i just carry the camera and 1 lens so in a situation like the one i posted above where i was shooting into the sun directly, without the HDR, this photo would never have worked.
You might say i'm facing the wrong direction, shooting in the wrong time of the day etc..but it is what it is..i was there at that time and i was shooting that position..just imagine a person standing there..without HDR, you will never be able to correctly expose him.

I'm not sure what Canon had in mind when they included this feature int he camera but i'm sure glad they did…Althougth i's only use it 1% of my shots…at least it's there to save the shots that otherwise will not be captured properly


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