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Samyang 24 TS confirmed for Photokina!

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No sign of price, but I would imagine at least cheaper than the 24 TS-E mk1, and therfore substantially cheaper than the TS-E 24 mk2.

Lets hope to lives up the precedent of Samyangs recent sterling efforts. 

Metering issues aside (TTL can get screwed up a bit by the shift, sometimes requires increasing compensation with increasing shift) this particular Samyang isn't that far behind the banded offerings, which are also MF only...

dr croubie:
If it's sharp enough, i'd actually even prefer this over the 24LII.

Auto Aperture may be good for action, focussing wide open and only stopping down for the shot.
But for macro, and even more for T/S, give me manual aperture every day (until of course, Canon can make a DOF-Preview-Lock feature, although they probably can't, seeing as it's electronic and holding the aperture narrow might burn out a motor or something).
So even if it's over $1k (still less than half the 24LII), and if it's 'almost' as sharp, i'd be going this one...

Stop down, depress preview, similtaneously decouple and turn enough to disengage the contacts...

Not ideal but if theres one lens where this isn't a huge hindrence to operation, it's a TS-E with its rotating mount.

By Golly, its appearance is very similar to my Canon TS-E 24mm II.  I hope to heavens the Samyang is at least 92-95% as sharp as Canon without major mechanical issues, then I would be able to sell my Canon TS-E and get this instead..


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