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6D question
« on: September 16, 2012, 12:27:24 PM »
Based on the worlds fastest growing thread I thought this question would get lost in the 26 pages......

1/4000sec shutter speed   I saw some complain that its not nearly fast enough. 

I currently own a 450D and that is my max and I can't even think of the times I've gotten that high.  Is it really a major draw back?       

I thought I saw 1/180 for max flash shutter speed or something like that... thats only for a flash that does not feature high speed sync correct?   My 450D is 1/200 max for a slow flash. 

Third and final question....   F2.8 Center point how does that compare to other EOS models?    Most zoom L glass is only 2.8 fast anyway so is that so bad?  and if you use a faster lens it just cant guarantee the accuracy of the focus?  Dont really care how many points as I don't do much sports and always use center point.

Thanks for the feed back, I've been shooting for a few years but still obviously have lots to learn from a technical aspect.  And would like a camera that will allow me room to grow.   I do currently 60% portrait type shots of kids, family   20% landscape although that use to be 90% and 20% weddings  as a second shooter for a buddy. 
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6D question
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