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Best flash for 5Dmk3?

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Hey guys, so I've got a question. I just purchased the 5Dmk3 and I must say, I'm absolutely in love with it. Now, I originally only used DSLR's for the video capability, but in the last 6 months or so I've really been delving into photography more so than cinematography. Now, I've never really used a flash because I've always lit my subjects from a constant light source, but I know flash is a bit of a different ball game. I'm looking for something that is good both on and off camera, and was wondering if anyone could share some information? I've researched the majority of all the speedlights and the pro-masters, but I'm just looking for personal opinions. I definitely don't want to just go blow money on the most expensive one, but I'm not opposed to spending a little more for the right flash. Thanks in advance!


Check out the Canon USA site for refurbs on the 430(239)  and 580(399)

Best flash? Well, the 600EX-RT...

The 600EX RT's have been in heavy rotation since I picked up three of them to replace my aging 580's. Not having to deal with PW's / triggers, etc. has made working with the speed lights a lot easier, and the ETTL metering seems to be a lot more consistent and predictable paired with the 5DIII. They're definitely pricey for speed lights, but worth it for me.

Only one, 600EX-RT.


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