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Highlights that you thought were unusable are easily rescued with Lightroom 4.

These three images are all from the same base image that I was going to use as part of a set of 5 for HDR because of problems with highlights.

The three images are - "from_camera.jpg" (this is the image imported into Lightroom, without any adjustments being applied). "lightroom_process_2010.jpg" is the best I could get with Lightroom v3.6. Maybe I could make it a bit better but going further requires messing around with tone curves and is quite tricky. Lastly, "lightroom_process_2012.jpg" is what I get with Lightroom 4.2

Of the three, it is the one from Lightroom 4.2 that looks the most natural and as can easily be seen, a lot of detail is recovered from the clouds whilst a little bit of saturation fills out the colours with some body.

Yup, middle one is the best.  And you're right you could spend hours on one picture in light room.

Thanks for share!

Peace! 8)


--- Quote from: dilbert on September 22, 2012, 11:51:22 AM ---Highlights that you thought were unusable are easily rescued with Lightroom 4...

--- End quote ---
...particularly with 5D3 files. I've been astounded how much detail there is lurking in highlights.


Lightroom 4 is fantastic - I think you can get at least half a stop more detail from RAW files compared to the 3.x series. The evidence is clear in your photos. For me, this means staying within Lightroom for over 90% of my post-processing needs, while I had to use PS's more advanced tools (plugins such as Noiseware Pro) far more often with LR 3.x.


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