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ViewBug Photo Contest Winner for November

Canon Rumors & ViewBug Photo Contest for November
Did the readers of Canon Rumors enjoy these photo contests that went on in October and November? Please give us your feedback on the forum or via email.

Congratulations to Dan Fish on winning the contest!

November 2013 Winning Entry

  • Link:
  • Photographer: Dan Fish
  • Photo title: Inside The Falls
  • Judge selecting winner: Jennifer Lynne
  • Words on photo by judge: “It is an absolutely breathtaking photo and everything about it is perfect. The composition is mesmerizing and the tones, and richness of the colors are gorgeous. It is a stunning image.” 
Inside the Falls - By Dan Fish

Inside the Falls – By Dan Fish

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Photo Contest Winner Announcement

We have a winner!
The Canon Rumors and ViewBug sponsored photo contest announced back in October has reached the end and we have a winner!

Link: Contrast in Black & White Photo Contest
Photographer: John Covin
Photo title: Red Cliff Lodge Horses
Judge selecting winner: Richard Brown
Words on photo by judge: “I usually don’t go for these type images however the composition here is stunning and well executed, great capture of the action.”

The winning image, and a very good one.

Contrast in Black & White Photo Contest Winner!

Contrast in Black & White Photo Contest Winner! | Click for Larger

Congratulations John!



Photo Contrast: Contrast in Black & White

New contest via ViewBug
We’ve partnered with Viewbug to get you and your work lots of extra exposure along with a a couple of other goodies. You can see some of the goodies here–and which open the gates to being able to win even more prizes.

Want to get in on the contest? Click the graphic below for all the information and see what you can win. Before I agreed to the contest, I received assurances from ViewBug that you will retain ownership of your entered photographs, even if you do well enough to win. This is for fun, exposure and some prizes.