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1D Mark IV in Slow Motion

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Very Nice
Dan Chung got to test drive a couple prototype 1D Mark IV’s for a night at the horse track.

Take a look at the results:



44 responses to “1D Mark IV in Slow Motion”

  1. I do deny “their methods are totally wrong.” No company is going to pelase everybody.

    “they are releasing a camera without the proper preparation in advance”

    The camera is not shipping yet, as in not yet released. I’m sure it will ship with the proper RAW decoding in DPP and firmware in the 1D4. The point is as of right now, only pre-production cameras are out in testing, so any criticism of it is premature, and it would be inappropriate to release RAW files at this stage.

  2. Ok David, please name me a Magnum photographer that is as equally well known for his or her video shooting as his or her stills, a few great names, Alex Webb, David Alan Harvey, Trent Parke – stills and stills only etc. I am assuming that above posters are making the point that some photographers use the video feature in 5D mark II’s and IDIV’s, especially those dealing with the general public, as a means to gain a client’s booking as they may be lacking somewhat in natural ability as a photographer. I.E. I can offer this, and this, and this, and this as long as you book me.

  3. Jane,
    I just stopped arguing; we will never see David eye to eye.
    It is so funny and obvious that the point is missing. In my few paying gigs, the model wanted me because of the pictures; so thinking as simple as if she asked me for video…
    Last time I checked, I had two arms only and needed both for photography, I would need two more for video. I know that people will jump saying that you can take stills when doing video… yes you can, it’s not really professional, but you can… you will never get different perspectives but you can… come on! I don’t think anybody would want that for their wedding or the such. I still believe that the video is for pros using only video or for home non artistic videos; but nothing in between.

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