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1D Mark IV Release Date [CR1]

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Not in 2009
Received an email saying we wouldn’t see the new 1D4 until the new year.

Canon will announce the camera shortly after the 2010 Olympics. This would put the announcement into the first week of march.

The games will be used as the final testing of the camera. It’s apparently going to be quite vigorous. It’s Canon’s hope to have the camera in the hands of photographers for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

CR’s Take
This sounds plausible. Having a world class sporting event in the winter to test the camera sounds like a great idea. The World Cup is the bigger event.


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  1. +1

    The nikonrumors site had an interesting graph of change in market share. Sony’s doing great, Nikon not bad, but Canon is losing some serious market share. Assuming Canon intends to defend its current share of the market, this can only mean good things for Canon users.

  2. it seems to be on the server side, maybe your site its owned. Its a very common practice to inyect malicious code on the wp database to redirect traffic to other sites.

  3. Do people seriously go back and forth between Canon and Nikon on a whim, just b/c there are rumors or the other brand has the current best body? If so, they are impulsive or have more money than they know what to do with. How can they give up their pro glass every time they do that?

    I am a Canon guy, but whatever you are, stick with your Canon or Nikon. The battle between the 2 companies only brings better products to the market more quickly and for better prices than if they were not so closely matched.

    I personally think that overall, Canon has had more home runs, so that’s why I went with them a long time ago. So, be patient, wait for reviews after it has been out a few months, buy the best one, and stick with it until another one comes out that is significantly better and has had clean reviews. After all, everyone wants to have the best, but let’s face the facts. Your previous “dream camera” did not suddenly become a worthless piece of garbage just because a new one came out. It probably just offers a little more versatility, functionality, or quality. I, like most of you, hope that the 1DS Mark IV will deliver in all areas. I need a good high res image producer to compliment the speed of my 1D Mark IIN.

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