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5D Mark II Video Review

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This is a link to a review of the video capabilities of the camera.

Link To Review

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11 responses to “5D Mark II Video Review”

  1. can’t download from my work computer.
    can’t wait to watch at home.
    downloading through the wireless network dial up…

  2. My father lives in a small adult home (200 or less residents) here in spokane, Washington, USA. today when I went in to see hime, they were filming a movie in the facility. I don’t mean a small Indy movie either, a big production company with two huge trucks loaded with gear, 50 technicians, actors, the whole thing.

    It was really interesting to see what a small part the actual camera plays in the overall production scheme, and, of course, the 5D MKII wouldn’t seriously be considered for use in this environment in any event.

    However, I also wonder why the facility would let a production company virtually take over in the dining room, lobby, and even some of the hallways like this. Residents have to push their walkers or wheel chairs over huge power cables, they had pizza brought to their rooms for their dinner because the dining room was closed (we took dad out for dinner).

    I’ll be contacting the state agencies about this).

  3. There’s no review on the site, just the two videos. The review will be published in a German magazine in November.

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