From Canon NL
It says the camera will be available tomorrow.

Canon Canada
I'm told Canon Canada in Mississauga has the cameras in stock, the Calgary warehouse is still waiting. Allocation will begin when they're availabe in Calgary.



  1. Just spoke to Adorama rep who indicated that the cameras are coming in next week. If you are not already on the pre-order list, it will take 3-5 weeks or longer to receive your 5Dmk2. Contacted B&H who is is pretty tight in giving any info. B&H rep indicates a delivery in Dec. only. Not taking any pre-orders till B&H can receive/confirm their inventory. Can only monitor via online or phone call to when they will receive the product to place the order. Boo on all U.S. orders!

  2. Still no 5d mark II avilable in the big dutch shops :-( And still nobody like to give a confirmation when it will be.

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