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astrhori12mmfisheyeSM qb8qiqw2vaoyrkcq4agiungqsl8wk49te3a7gzbzno - AstrHori RF Mount Lenses

AstrHori RF 12mm F2.8 Fisheye

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Excellent Lens for Starry Sky – This full-frame fisheye lens has an ultra-wide viewing angle and a large aperture of F2.8, which reduces noise in the night scene and makes the picture more pure and transparent; excellent coma control keeps the star points on the edges round .

astrhori18mmtiltSM qb8qnf56un3ahrkbtt6qqz094k7ltxtrp824dieipw - AstrHori RF Mount Lenses

AstrHori RF 18mm F8 Shift

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Compact and Lightweight: This lens features a full metal design that is robust, lightweight, and reliable and weighs only 164g. Whether shooting in cramped quarters, in front of vast landscapes, or in any other situation where a wide field of view is required, the 18mm f/8.0 shift lens will have you covered.

astrhori28mmprobeSM qb8qv3hqnxllb4ex04n2419rrudioyaur7uvgv0rwk - AstrHori RF Mount Lenses

AstrHori RF 28mm F13 2x Macro Probe

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Excellent Portability & Shooting in Narrow Spaces –The lens body is slender and can be detached into 2 sections for separate storage, the aperture ring and focus ring use a movie focusing gear, which is convenient for the follow focus,providing portability for photographers to go out for shooting.And due to the special structure of the front section,it can achieve the purpose of shooting in a narrow space, such as building miniature models and food setting, animal caves, etc.

astrhori50tiltSM qb8qh9ba1qnmdsijt5aseizgxmkzddd46q3j47jfic - AstrHori RF Mount Lenses

AstrHori RF 50mm F1.4 Tilt

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2-in-1 multi-function lens  – When the lens is not tilted, it is an excellent large-aperture prime lens, which can be used to shoot portraits, night scenes and other photos that require high background blur.At the same time,this is also a special tilt lens compatible with mirrorless cameras,You can even take interesting pictures of Lilliputian visual that looks like a model when you tilt the lens.

astrhori50mmSM qb8qzqt0gfymppnvv4ynfv1tifgur2r2q7zaw44p50 - AstrHori RF Mount Lenses

AstrHori RF 50mm F2

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Large Aperture -The excellent large aperture of F2.0 ensures sufficient light input.Even in low light environments, pure and clear photos can be taken with fine detail processing,higher resolution, more prominent details,and excellent image quality.The details are still clear after zooming in.

astrhori85mmtiltSM qb8r2kbkyjtljlkfecucx5flo1khudy346fqpzy6h0 - AstrHori RF Mount Lenses

AstrHori RF 85mm F2.8 Tilt

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This 85mm lens not only has a macro setting but also a swivel mechanism for tilting. As a pure macro lens, it is suitable for full-frame cameras. With the minimum distance of 11cm from the front lens to the subject (or the closest focusing distance of 25cm), this results in a magnification of 1:1. This makes it ideal for taking pictures of small animals, plants, jewelry, etc. For tilting, the lens can be tilted up to ±8 degrees and rotated 360 degrees. Tilting the focal plane opens up new design possibilities. (It should be noted, however, that the sensor format is limited to APS-C when tilting.) The tilt effect results in a kind of “Alice in Wonderland” effect when shooting in the miniature world.