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D10 Replacement & More

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New Waterproof Soon
A sign a new waterproof camera is on its way is Canon Canada seems to be replaceing broken D10’s with whole new cameras, instead of fixing them.

I’ve seen this once before with a midlevel PowerShot, and sure enough it was replaced shortly after.

There are lots of factors that probably go into these decisions, but cost of warehousing them is definitely a factor. A discontinued PowerShot is a hard sell for retailers outside of the G series.

Theres also perception issues and high administrative costs to just pricedrop a camera to get rid of them.

Entire 2010/2011 Season of House By Canon DSLR?
I received information that the makers of House plan to shoot the entire next season with the 5D Mark II and possibly the 7D.

However, this time they would be adapting PV & possibly PL lenses.


22 responses to “D10 Replacement & More”

  1. Totally OT OTW comment: With the T2i very hard to find, I’m beginning to suspect that someone at Canon usa marketing screwed up in declaring the rebate, and they are withholding release of significant amounts of inventory until after June 5th.

    OK, I know that couldn’t be true most likely…

  2. I’ve searched for some lenses yesterday, and it seemed fast. I tried it again just now, and it was fast as well.

    I hope its working for you now.

  3. I felt the same way re: the DOF. They also seemed to have trouble w/critical focus.

    Those are just quibbles though, overall it was pretty amazing.

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