1. R

    R5 Self-Timer Continuous AF Bug - anyone else?

    **Posted in wrong section, and can't delete** I was just outside trying to take self-portraits of myself and experienced a bug with my R5. In Servo, Continuous AF mode with Self-Timer Enabled, the camera will not track my face while the timer is counting down. Instead, it will hold single-point...
  2. f119a

    EOS R6 v1.3.0 firmware bug

    https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1Nf4y1x7iA?from=search&seid=8672218267018754065 Someone sent me this video showing the problem (FYI it's in Chinese)... Based on what I've heard so far: When you try to record 4k60p or 50p in crop mode the camera will freeze or showing Err 70. You won't be able...