1. L

    Using Canon Extender 2x - wiggle

    Hello I bought a new Canon Extender 2x III to use with my Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II together with my Canon EOS 5D mark III. Must say the Canon EF 70-200 lens got a totally new use on my natur photography. The extra 2x extension really makes the lens so much more fun taking pictures of birds...
  2. cayenne

    Anyone use a pinhole camera? What about the ONDU ones? Buying film? Process film?

    Hello all, I was just surfing around and started looking at kick starters. I found this: ONDU Kickstarter Pinhole Camera And I'd never really heard of pinhole cameras before, but from my YouTube searches....seems you can do like medium format film pics with these things. I know it sin't...