canon 80d

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    Tweaking Canon 80D audio

    Hello, I record concert band concerts with the 80D with a Tascam recorder attached on a hotshoe. I want to ensure the Tascam records better audio than the 80D, but the 80D does have pretty good audio. Therefore, I am interested in tweaking the audio settings on the 80D to ensure the audio from...
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    80D Buffer Playback Problem - Busy....Please wait

    Hello folks. I got an 80D recently to go alongside my 70D. In most ways the 80D is a better camera, but my copy is unable to playback images as the buffer clears, which is something my 70D does no problem at all. I've searched and searched and it's not a widely discussed issue, but anybody...
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    Canon 90D Rumors - Will it be the New 4k Beast That Will Take Over ?

    I'm anxiously waiting for the announcement and release of the Canon 90D or the new Canon 80D replacement. Which I know is going to be an amazing camera. We all want canon to bring 4k to the aps-c line up at this price point, though with all the new features we want. I believe it's going to be a...