canon eos r5

  1. R

    R5 Self-Timer Continuous AF Bug - anyone else?

    **Posted in wrong section, and can't delete** I was just outside trying to take self-portraits of myself and experienced a bug with my R5. In Servo, Continuous AF mode with Self-Timer Enabled, the camera will not track my face while the timer is counting down. Instead, it will hold single-point...
  2. JPAZ

    RF with Older EF Lenses

    Been looking around for some information and only getting bits and pieces........ I looked at numerous forums (like FM) and saw a video using an R5 with EF 400 f/2.8 and adapter and it looks very promising. I am contemplating replacing some EF glass in time. Were I to use an EF 300 f/2.8 II...
  3. N

    This is Canon support

    Recently I wrote this to Canon Canada: "Hello, I know that the answer to this question has to come from both Canon and Adobe but us, the EOS R5 users are now caught in the middle of it. Why is the EOS R5 camera profile missing from Adobe Lightroom? Do not worry, I will ask the same question...
  4. nonfacciofoto

    R5 8k raw dynamic range

    I do not know if it has already been discussed but i found that to achieve maximum dynamic range of 8k raw you need to keep Clog ON or you will lose DR in the Highlights I made a little test to show the differences:
  5. PKinDenmark

    Next step in tele - difficult decision - especially now in between EF and RF.

    Need some experienced input to my decision-making regarding my plan to upgrade my tele-lens. Currently I am on a Canon 6D Mk II and a Tamron 150-600mm 1.G. Mostly used for wildlife - e.g. birds of prey in flight and Kingfishers. I am looking for faster, sharper, better focusing - I often find...
  6. X

    Canon EOS R5 price :)

    I read this some hours before in the web: An Australian website lists the EOS R5 around 10.500 Australian Dollars! :eek:o_O I hope this is FAKE NEWS! The pricing of the 5DIV was high enough. Another 50% rise would be really to much. IMO the 8K...