capture one

  1. HarrisonB

    Anybody shooting with an R5 tethered in C1?

    I'm starting to do more freelance studio work and want to shoot tethered in Capture One. I did a test shoot the other day and the transfer from camera to C1 was excruciatingly slow, taking seconds per image to render which added up very quickly for bursts of images. I'm shooting on an R5 going...
  2. L

    Capture one update for r5 support finally available

    Any experiences anyone?
  3. cayenne

    Poll: What Processing Software do you use primarily? And...why?

    On lots of threads there's been a good bit of talk about Adobe vs other vendors' software. I thought it might be fun in 2020, to see who all uses what....and why.... I'm talking primary about the applications you use to import your images from your camera/card to your computer for work....more...