1. M

    Pro DSLRs

    Can anyone tell me if Canon has given up on us Pro DSLR users? I don't want a mirrorless! Please don't start telling me about any advantages to mirrorless, I don't care.
  2. dolina

    How many EF/RF mount lenses do you own?

    There are over 100 million EOS bodies and over 140 million EF lenses This comes out as for every 1 EOS body there are 1.4 1st party lenses. Assuming 3rd party are 0.6 then it comes out as 1 body per 2 lenses on average. I would hazard a guess that about 80% of EOS body buyers buy the kits with...
  3. dolina

    Remaining EF DSLRs on Canon USA's product list

    These are the the currently available EF dSLRs currently sold on BH and Adorama released per year from newest to oldest 2020 - 850D aka Rebel T8i - 1D X Mark III 2019 - 90D - 250D aka Rebel SL3 2017 - 6D Mark II*** 2016 - 5D Mark IV*** - 80D** - 1D X Mark II** 2015 - 5Ds R* 2014 - 7D Mark...