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    Need help with auto exposure in continuos video clip moving from indoors to outdoors (EOS R6)

    Hi, I am filming a short video clip of a person walking from an indoor location (a bit dark) to an outdoor location (quite bright, with white bricks in the background) in one continuos movement (no cuts). I am using the Canon EOS R6 in the Manual Shooting mode, recording 4K 25 FPS IPB. The...
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    [SOLVED] R5 firmware 1.4.0. - inconsistent light metering/histogram

    The problem has been solved, see post #12. I have upgraded the firmware from 1.3.1 to 1.4.0 and voila! The problem is here... Canon has broken something in light metering in still photos mode. I'm using my R5 on the telescope (no aperture and focus info) for contrails spotting, like this one...