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    Gitzo Legende Tripod GK1545T-RTI Review -Indiegogo

    I received my Gitzo GK1545T-RTI Legende Tripod earlier today and wanted to post a quick review, both on the tripod and the crowdfunding experience. I hope this will help others in making future decisions involving Gitzo and/or Indiegogo.... Like many others, when I first heard about this...
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    Gitzo on Indiegogo - Will you be getting one?

    The Gitzo Legende Tripod/Backpack is live in Indiegogo. Tripod/Backpack/Mini Tripod is $699 ($1227 MSRP), Tripod is $519 ($799 MSRP), Backpack is $179 ($229 MSRP) and Tripod/Backpack combo is $679 ($1028 MSRP).