1. puffo25

    Wide angle lens for R5

    Hello, I own a EOS R5 and I have the following lenses: Samyang 10mm ED AC NCS f2,8, RF 15-35mm f2,8, EF 24-70 f2,8, RF 70-200 f2,8. I have a Nodal Ninja 4 rotator. I shoot landscape, night/astro and street photography. Mainly for astro/star trails/milky way and panoramic/landscape images I am...
  2. puffo25

    R5, R6 or wait for a possible R5S?

    Hi all, I bought in August a Canon R5 to make panoramic images (using the nodal ninja rotating head), than use also for street photography, nature, events and so on (no studio, no weddings, no macro, no still life). Someone suggested me to consider also the R6 since has a bit better EV (half...