low light

  1. H

    Canon R5 VF jitter

    Anybody faces this behaviour ? when I use the camera in low light with high iso ( 4000 or more ) and low shutter speed ( under 1/100 ), the viewfinder start to jitter when panning left/right or up/down, the back screen looks normal, I tried 120 hz for viewfinder but I keep jittering. the more...
  2. puffo25

    R5, R6 or wait for a possible R5S?

    Hi all, I bought in August a Canon R5 to make panoramic images (using the nodal ninja rotating head), than use also for street photography, nature, events and so on (no studio, no weddings, no macro, no still life). Someone suggested me to consider also the R6 since has a bit better EV (half...
  3. H

    Multipurpose prime for low light photography?

    I’ve been considering buying a lens for low light photography and shallow dept of field. Budget is around 600. I’m going to use it mainly to photograph my family but I’m also hoping for lens that could give me some artistic options in nature photography. I also do some videography but that's not...