1. K

    Buying a 90D (body only.) Go for it or wait for Black Friday?

    I'm planning to buy a 90D for a trip in early December. From what I can tell, Black Friday sales are usually limited to Tn/Tni models rather than xxD models, and they usually include bundled lenses that I don't want. Is that right? Should I buy now and maximize my time getting used to the camera...
  2. cayenne

    So...why is a Leica so $$$$$$ Expensive?

    Ok, I've never really looked into them much, but just was browsing around to see what Leica cameras cost and their lenses.....and WOW, pricey indeed. I've got quite a collection of Canon L go with my 5D3, that I bought about 4+months after it came out. It was my first DSLR and I've...