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    Lenses for the M series in 2020?

    We know that Canon is investing a lot of money in R-series lenses. We also know that this year it is not expected to launch any lens for the EF series unless the market demands it. But what do we know for the M series in this year 2020? I have seen patents of the Fisheye lens, I also saw...
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    Telephoto prime or zoom - value deal

    I’m rationalising my modern kit to Voigt 20, Canon 24 IS & 50, and what? I’m selling the great but heavy 70-300L, should I look for one of the newer plastic fantastic zooms, or maybe a 100 or 135 prime for a bit of speed. I have 6D & 100D bodies giving me 20/24/50/??? on full frame and crop...