telephoto lens

  1. PKinDenmark

    Next step in tele - difficult decision - especially now in between EF and RF.

    Need some experienced input to my decision-making regarding my plan to upgrade my tele-lens. Currently I am on a Canon 6D Mk II and a Tamron 150-600mm 1.G. Mostly used for wildlife - e.g. birds of prey in flight and Kingfishers. I am looking for faster, sharper, better focusing - I often find...
  2. E

    Telephoto prime or zoom - value deal

    I’m rationalising my modern kit to Voigt 20, Canon 24 IS & 50, and what? I’m selling the great but heavy 70-300L, should I look for one of the newer plastic fantastic zooms, or maybe a 100 or 135 prime for a bit of speed. I have 6D & 100D bodies giving me 20/24/50/??? on full frame and crop...