1. Sleeplessin

    Sleepless in the Alps - Milky Way time lapse

    For my newest video I used my new Canon R6 and the Canon 5D Mark IV:
  2. J

    Petition for Canon to bring BACK interval & frame record to EOS cinema cameras. Please sign & share

    Canon's EOS line of cameras have always included an "Interval" and "frame record" setting. These options have been integral to filmmakers and content creators who use the EOS line of cameras. The removal of these settings makes it harder if not impossible to create time-lapse videos and animated...
  3. Sleeplessin

    Night drone hyperlapse "Sleepless in Zug"

    Here is another hyperlapse video. For the sequences on the ship I used the Canon 5D Mark IV and for the drone shots the Mavic 2 Pro. I made single RAW photos and edited them in Lightroom and LRtimelapse.
  4. Sleeplessin

    First time lapse vidieo using EOS R (love it too!!)

    I went to NYC last winter for 6 weeks. Next to my old Canon 5D Mark IV and very old 6D I was using my new Canon EOS R for shooting this time lapse and hyperlapse. Why I love it for time lapse and hyperlapse :love: It is very helpful for day to night time lapse that all buttons can be...
  5. K

    December in Ljubljana - Timelapse movie

    Hello to everyone! Happy new year:) Please be welcome to check my new timelapse/hyperlapse video. Many of the timelapses were shot with Canon 60D and some with Fuji XT-20... Have a nice year and lot of good light! Luka