2016 AfricaRaw photosafari by "old age adventurers" has started posting

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Jack Douglas

CR for the Humour
Apr 10, 2013
Alberta, Canada
oldageadventurer said:
Illness unfortunately delayed reasons delayed our postings after the Kgalagadi portfolio. But I have spent last two weeks loading up the pictures my wife took in Etosha in our 2016 trip. She edited them in Lightroom. There are already over 100 and I am now finishing the last ones. Have a look via our www.Africaraw.com web site or go directly to the Etosha 2016 portfolio at http://www.africaraw.com/WildlifePhotography/2016-Photographic-Safari/2016-Etosha-National-Park/

Love the sequences!

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Wildlife photography is my passion
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eml58 said:
scottkinfw said:
Very nice! I'll add my South Africa shots to the mix.
These are also for my good friend Eldar, who ripped me a new one because I don't post enough for him. Eldar, enjoy!

Looks like the "Bicycle Crossing Male" from Mala Mala.

Great stuff, look forward to seeing more Scott.

Amazing Edward. It was exactly Bicycle. Great eye!

Post some pics with your new camera!

Happy New Year all.

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