Rumors, Rumors Everywhere. [CR0]

Don Haines

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Jun 4, 2012
dilbert said:
How much of that is the screen and how much of it is what phones go through?

Ooops! Dropped off the table and lands face first on a rock.
Ooops! Slipped out of my hand and fell down the stairs.

Phones just get treated much worse than cameras.

And the big one.... put phone in pocket, sit down, and the flex cracks the screen....

very hard to do with a DSLR, particularly with F2.8 L glass attached......

Steve Balcombe

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Aug 1, 2014
Mt Spokane Photography said:
Steve Balcombe said:
Everyone who owns a smartphone knows there is no issue with durability of touchscreens, so this has always been nonsense.

There are probably 50 businesses here locally keeping very busy replacing smart phone screens, I think they would tell you that touch screen failures are feeding their families. How many failures are due to the touch part is unknown, but the touch screen in my iphone 5s failed.

The issue was the durability of touch screens vs non-touch - are you saying there is a difference?
I'd like the next FM update with 7D2 to include "drive mode" in the custom settings "detail set". If you are going to have AF operation, AF area selection and Case # options it would be nice to have that setting as well. Great for emergency shots which I use the * button mode for. You wouldn't need have to keep the camera in high speed continuous all the time.